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  • The Pirates Parade
  • The Pirates Parade

Craignish Arts Festival

The Craignish Festival which takes place in August each year is what can only be described as a major achievement, given the wide range of events held and considering it is all brought together by voluntary organisers on a peninsular on the West Coast of Scotland.

The origins of this festival perhaps go back to the original ‘Ardfern Day’, but latterly started in 2000 as the Elemental Arts Festival, a collection of local artists, businesses and inspirers who work together to support and publicise our art and the local area.

Dreamed up one evening in May 2000 around a kitchen table in Ardfern; nurtured with tea, coffee, food and good humour the first seed was planted. The Elemental Arts group base their work in and around the community of Craignish, a stunning peninsula that juts into the inner sounds of the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast of Scotland in Mid Argyll.